About me

My name is Mia Alviz and I declare myself "tarobsessed". I live in Spain, from where I make a living out of my passion: Tarot. 
With a taste for traditional European divination and crystal healing, my aim as a professional is to provide my querents with honest, meaningful and empowering insight as well as building a legacy into the Tarot Community.


What to expect from a reading

Honesty is a key word for my work.

I am committed to help you analyze your situation and provide, to the best of my ability, insightful answers for your concerns as well as empowering approaches towards your goals.

I believe in Tarot as a powerful tool which allow us  to see the forest when we can only see the tree.  Therefore, I will do my best for helping you widen your perspective and help you gain clarity about whatever your issues are from a non-judgmental position, as well as showing you the most likely outcome of your situation, remembering that the final say is always yours.

What I don't do

I don't believe that future is set in stone, so, while I do make predictions, keep in mind that you can influence the outcome with your actions.

I don't do medical diagnosis and I don't read on health related outcomes, In case a health related issue comes up, I will always refer you to a professional. In case you want to have a reading about what is in your hands to do for improving a diagnosed health condition, from the perspective of self-healing and

self-analysis, I will gladly help you.

I don't encourage any kind of addiction and so I reserve the right of politely refusing to read on the same topic over and over.

I won't do any kind of scary predictions and I won't make you believe you're cursed. I won't definitely read on any ill-intentioned topic like "When will my mother-in-law quick off the bucket?".

I don't predict exact dates.

I don't offer refunds unless I refuse doing the reading.