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This is Mia! Passionate Tarot and Lenormand reader, Tarot teacher and divination enthusiast in all its shapes and forms! I love thinking of divination systems as a practical way to delve into our past, present and future, providing an in depth understanding of situations and useful ways to move forward.

If I had to define my reading style, I’d say it’s above all else, practical. I give answers to the questions asked in a simple, direct and down-to-earth way, without having you figure out the meaning of life in the process! If you want to learn more about me and my experience, click here.

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“I had a fantastic mentoring session with Maria. I came with a very clear purpose to tackle some doubts I had with some specific spreads and she gave me really clear insights and tips on how to improve my readings. She is also a delightful person and the session was a lot of fun. Highly recommended!” – Melissa, 2020.

“Mia is a Gold Endorsed Reader and Teacher of Tarot with the World Divination Association – she delivers messages succinctly and matter of factly with no flowering up when a situation needs attention – if you want a predictive read that is reliable and straight talking – you found your reader in Mia! 5 stars.” – Toni, 2020.

“The thing about The Sibyl is 1) She’s an expert in reading! 2) She gives you the straight dope! 3) She’s not a crystals, universe, what you should do in the world type of reader! THANK GOD! Because when I go for a reading, I don’t want to know the BS of what my karmic relationship looks like and how I should behave! I want to know what happens! And she does the job perfectly! Thank you for existing! I am no longer exploring other readers. She’s it! Try her!” – Annie, 2020.

“The Exploring Sexuality through Tarot Course offered by Mia as part of the Tarot Summer School was fantastic! While I did know some of the cards sexual meanings, I had no idea each one had its own interpretation! Mia’s class was informative, well thought out, & I’m so excited to add this knowledge to my own Tarot readings! If the opportunity comes up to learn from her again, I will be one of the first to sign up for the course! Thank you, Mia. You are amazing!!” – Lynn, 2019.

“Accuracy and and sheer kindness : the 2 words that come to mind with this tarot reading from this fantastic tarot reader who really cares :)” – Chris, 2019.

“She gave me way more than I expected and it didn’t sound like fluff. I feel like she didn’t try to tell me what I wanted to hear but what she actually saw in the cards. I really appreciate that.” – R. 2018. 

“Maria is hands down my favorite reader for getting clear answers. I needed this lenormand Reading in a hurry to make a big life decision, and she was not only timely, but she went above and beyond to give me a thorough reading which helped me make the decision to follow my dreams. I can’t thank her enough for this reading, as she really helped me through a desperate situation, and I would highly recommend her as a reader for anyone who needs a question answered.” – Jessica, 2018.

“This is the 4th reading I’ve had with Mia and she’s been accurate with both readings – very good info and extremely good time to get your reading. Accurate! And in Nov 2016 Mia predicted I would find a job (contract base) at the hands of a friend. That’s exactly what happened in Feb 2017. She’s very good, I highly recommend.” – RBM, 2017.

“I have received a couple readings from Mia, and she is absolutely phenomenal. One of the things that I’ve loved about her readings, is the fact that she keeps it real; she’s honest, raw, and to the point. She is eerily accurate in her readings, and she brings a lot of fun into the experience as well. I would highly recommend The Sibyl’s Tarot to anyone who is looking for an experienced, talented, and honest reader.” – Jessica, 2017.

“Mia’s reading was so perfect and exactly what I needed. Even though I do not know her at all, she was so scary accurate I was in awe. I have had many readings done for me by others over the years, and have done a few for myself, but none of those impacted me as deeply as Mia’s did. She is intuitively gifted and has obviously worked hard at her passion. I am so very grateful and will definitely be using her services again. Thank you Mia!” – Shannon, 2016.