What you might be missing in your Tarot readings.

Legend Tarot by Anne-Marie Ferguson, spanish edition.

Our beloved Tarot cards, disclose a lot of information about the question being made, but they are also giving hints to the reader for a better understanding of the querent’s situation that otherwise could remain unnoticed. Our cards often say a lot, sometimes even TMI, that we readers won’t feel comfortable saying out loud and probably our querent won’t either.

What is it for? Our cherished tool gives us messages that are not necessarily to be disclosed, but will help a lot to understand what our client is going through and, if we pay attention to these details, we will be able to give loving, helping and understanding advice to them.

So, then… What to look for? 

First, we should take into account the length of our readings. If we pull a 20+ cards reading, it is more likely that we will get every kind of card, but, what if not? Imagine you have twenty cards on the table and not a chalice card, or a pentacle, or a Major Arcana… Weird, isn’t it?

This is why we shouldn’t only pay attention to the meaning of the cards, or to what there is, but to what there isn’t, or the amount of cards of each suit, court cards or Major Arcana we get.

The first step will be looking to the percentage of Major / Minor Arcana in the reading in comparison to the cards we pulled. If we pull a three card reading and all of them are Majors, we have an important message to deliver!

Major Arcana represent influences out of our control, whether external or divine, they talk about life changing events, meaningful stages, while Minor Arcana are more about daily issues.

A lot of Major Arcana in a reading is telling us “BIG deal here!”

Great! What else?…

Suits, we definetely need to pay attention to the quantity of cards of each suit we have. What happens with a job reading without a pentacle? Or a love reading full of swords?

Let’s go back to the basics:

Pentacles: Are the suit of the earth. They talk about material things, the tangible results of our actions, economy, stability, they are the ground under our feet.

Swords: Are the suit of the air. They talk about our thoughts, non-physical conflicts, communication, the words we say and we hear, our projects and ideas not taken to action yet.

Chalices: Are the suit of the water. They talk about our emotions, feelings, what comes from the inside, the love, illusions and delusions we get. They talk as well about spirituality and intuition.

Wands: Are the suit of the fire. They talk about actions, physical conflicts, the manifestation of our thoughts through action, and the barriers and obstacles we find in the road.

You will agree that all of the above mentioned are necessary. We need the four legs of a chair if we want to sit on it without having falling to the floor, when one of the legs is significantly thicker than the rest, or significantly thinner, or there is no leg at all, the chair won’t have the same stability.

Then, we should pay attention to it. If there is a situation with a lot of swords but not wands or very little wands, it is telling us that no or little action is being taken, and that the issue has no real base, it is all happening in the querent’s head. He or she may be over thinking it and doing nothing to fix it or go for it if we are talking of an idea.

Querent A comes to ask about her job, and in our reading there are plenty of swords and wands, but little chalices and pentacles. This is telling us that A is working a lot, probably burdened and that she is getting little economical and emotional compensation for it.

Another thing to pay attention to, are numbers.*

From 1 to 10, are they beginning numbers, central or last ones?

A lot of beginning numbers tell us that this situation is in its first stages, while central numbers will be saying that we are amongst all the mess and as numbers go closer to ten, they say we are about to reach the end of that situation and a new stage will start.

It is as well useful to take into account if numbers repeat, but this is a long one, so a new article about it will be soon available!

*This is a precious knowledge I got from Kristen (Over the Moon Oracle Cards). She is an awesome deck creator and her blog worths reading. You can find more about this here.

Court cards. 

When we have plenty of court cards it says that there are more people involved in the situation. The more court cards appear, the less the situation is within our control.

But, what do court cards try to tell us when we feel they are not talking about people, nor stages of a situation?

Pages: A lot of pages are telling us that the spread contains an important message. Usually contained in the cards surrounding or in between them.

Knights: They say things moving, there could be unexpected turns of events or that it is not close to an end.

Queens: The Queens say there is a process being gestated and perhaps we don’t know what is it about.

Kings: For good or for bad, the situation has reached its top and now things can’t get better nor worse.

How do the cards interact between them? 

This can also give us good points. If there are several people in the spread, how are they placed? Are they face to face or someone is giving their back? This can tell us whether a person is an ally or not, whether the people involved are being collaborative or are causing damage or conflict in the situation. If we are talking about a couple and each significator is facing one side, it means they are in different points and they are not focusing on their common bond, while if they are looking at each other it tells us that they are trying to strengthen their relationship.

When the first happens, a useful thing to do is to draw an imaginary line from each significator and see which cards do the lines cross? This card will tell us what the conflict is, or else the common point that could help the situation.

These tips will make your readings way deeper and will help you understand your querent’s situation from another perspective, letting you become truly empathic with your consultant’s issue. Hope it helps!

I originally wrote this article for Healing Light Tarot Study Group in Facebook.

Mia Alviz

My name is Mia Alviz and I declare myself "tarobsessed". I live in Spain, from where I make a living out of my passion: Tarot. With a taste for traditional European divination and crystal healing, my aim as a professional is to provide my querents with honest, meaningful and empowering insight as well as building a legacy into the Tarot Community.


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