Lenormand vs. Kipper – Similar and different.

Lately, I’ve been feeling attracted to the traditional european methods of divination. It is being such an exciting journey, and given the fact that contrarily to other better known methods, there isn’t precisely a ton of information about them available out there, every piece of knowledge I am able to find feels like finding a treasure.

While Lenormand is becoming popular among the card readers and fortunately more and more information is getting available in english, we are not as lucky when it comes to Kipper cards, and this is what inspires me to share my little knowledge and experience on the matter, though I am just learning on the go!


Long story made short, Lenormand cards are awarded to Mlle. Marie Anne Adelaide Lenormand, who claimed to have given cartomantic advice to several figures of importance during the Napoleonic era. After her death in 1843, several cartomancy decks wore her name, though the 36 cards Lenormand deck as we know it was based on a deck published around 1799 under the name “Game of Hope” which original design belonged to the german Johann Kaspar Hechtel.

Kipper cards seem to appear in the late 19th century, ascribed to a famous diviner called Susanne Kipper, probably from Berlin, though I couldn’t find anything else about her, and the cards were first sold in Munich around 1890.

So what’s the difference?


Both Lenormand and Kipper decks have 36 cards, though in the most recent version of a Kipper deck, Ciro Marchetti’s Fin de Sieclè Kipper, there are 39 cards by decision of the author.

While both decks share the same amount of cards, their names and meanings are different. Here we can compare the names of both systems.

Lenormand Kipper
1. Rider 1. Main person (Male)
2. Clover 2. Main person (Female)
3. Ship 3. Marriage
4. House 4. Get together
5. Tree 5. Good gentleman
6. Clouds 6. Good lady
7. Snake 7. Pleasant letter
8. Coffin 8. Wrong person
9. Bouquet 9. Change
10. Scythe 10. Journey
11. Whip 11. Winning big bucks
12. Birds 12. Rich girl
13. Child 13. Rich good lord
14. Fox 14. Sad news
15. Bear 15. Success in love
16. Stars 16. His thoughts
17. Stork 17. A gift
18. Dog 18. Small child
19. Tower 19. Death
20. Garden 20. House
21. Mountain 21. Living room
22. Crossroad 22. Military person
23. Mice 23. Court
24. Heart 24. Thievery
25. Ring 25. Receiving high honours
26. Book 26. Big luck
27. Letter 27. Unexpected money
28. Man 28. Expectations
29. Woman 29. Prison
30. Lilies 30. Court’s person (Magistrate)
31. Sun 31. Short Illness
32. Moon 32. Sorrow and tribulations
33. Key 33. Murky thoughts
34. Fish 34. Work
35. Anchor 35. A long way
36. Cross 36. The Hope (Big waters)

Another difference is the amount of card showing people on each system. The table shows in bold the amount of cards in which people appear, nevertheless, we can see in italic the cards that can be read as people.

Both systems are great for gossiping! Unlike Tarot, both Lenormand and Kipper are focused on daily issues, and both make great counselors when we need to make a call. The reading system is pretty much similar, though in Kipper the cards surrounding a person card get very different nuances depending on their position, and top / bottom positions acquire different meanings.

Personally, I find Kipper to be more thorough in regard to personal motivations and expectations, character traits, while Lenormand widens about facts and happenings. Nevertheless, right now I’m talking with just some I months experience on Kipper.


There is not a huge difference between these decks, however, their little contrasts make each one unique and worth exploring. Their distinctiveness is subtle, but deep in their way, and I’m so much excited about sharing my Kipper journey with all of you!


The decks shown in the article are “Ciro Marchetti’s Fin de Siécle Kipper (Self-published edition)” and “Under The Roses Lenormand.”

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Fin de Siécle Kipper (Mass Market Edition)

Under the Roses Lenormand

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Fin de Siécle Kipper (Mass Market Edition) 

Under the Roses Lenormand



9 thoughts on “Lenormand vs. Kipper – Similar and different.”

    1. There is not a wide range of Kipper decks but you can easily get one in Amazon, eBay or similar. As for the one appearing in the pictures you can find it on Etsy or through the author’s website.

      I am giving away a Kipper deck on Instagram, if you want to participate you’ll be more than welcome!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. You think? I have found that the system is pretty similar and once you are familiar with Lenormand, slipping into Kipper is fairly easy.

      It is true that there are some added techniques that are more relevant to Kipper, such as distance between cards and their positions, although these are too things that one can do with Lenormand even if they are less common.

      What I find the most different between the systems is that Kipper can really go into so much detail, particularly in regards with people!


      1. Their reading techniques are 100% different – they are not comparable unless you consider their 36 cards – the GT is a totally different entity – if you read them Lenormand style then you are not reading the Kipper system – just the Kipper cards Lenormand style which is a shame. If you want to learn Kipper then learn the German reading system of Kipper – no added techniques – it is a different system altogether


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