Kipper card 6 – Good Lady.

Kipper card 6 stands for an elderly woman of great influence in the life of the querent or into the issue.


She is a mother, an in-law, grandma or a wife the querent has lost intimacy with.

In case of a same-gender relationship card number 6 stands for the partner of the querent. In case of a male querent having an affair the Good Lady would be the legitimate partner while his lover would be card number 2.

She is a person who cares deeply for the querent, though her influence might not always be good.

When this card is not referring to a person it is telling us about joy or pleasant situations to come.

The deck shown in the article is “Ciro Marchetti’s Fin de Siécle Kipper (Self-published edition)”

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Fin de Siécle Kipper (Mass Market Edition)


Fin de Siécle Kipper (Mass Market Edition) 


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