Kipper card 7 – Pleasant Letter.

Kipper card 7 stands for all kind of documents or new information.


The message is usually positive, unless there are surrounding cards indicating the contrary, nevertheless, the message from card 7 will always be better than the message from card 14 ( Sad message ).

It’s a good sign when it appears in questions related to business or properties.

On a more spiritual side card number 7 talks about a divine signal, a spiritual message or guidance that we either have right before our eyes or is lyet to come.

When asking about a problem, the appearance of this card will tell us that the consequences are not going any further and the issue is already in the past.

The deck shown in the article is “Ciro Marchetti’s Fin de Siécle Kipper (Self-published edition)”

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Fin de Siécle Kipper (Mass Market Edition)


Fin de Siécle Kipper (Mass Market Edition) 


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