My Yoni-egg experience. (I)

Dearest readers,

Today I’m going a little off-topic from the usual Tarot talk, however, I want to talk about a little thing that seemed kind of crazy to me but has impacted me in so many ways that I feel an urge to share it. This is: The Yoni Egg.

I had been flirting with the idea of getting a Yoni egg for a while when it basically came to me as a gift from my lovely friend Celestine (an amazing reader herself, besides she has the best yoni eggs, annointing oils and coolest stuff in general!).

From the moment I started using my beautiful amethyst egg, I started feeling its benefits.

A little context. (*TMI* Warning!)

In general, I do have a pretty high drive, however, during the last months it had been decreasing for no good reason, besides, I kind of felt ungrounded, not very centered. I have always have a little problem with lubrication, let’s say my Yoni is kinda slow for that and very, very delicate, so I am quite prone to fungical infections (yeah, gross) that left my who-ah quite dry.

On top of that, I do really enjoy sex, but I have a hard time achieving an orgasm with any other than myself, which can be very frustrating!

First changes. 

Well, after cleansing, charging my egg, etc, I put it in its place. First thing I was surprised about: I felt nothing. Yep, not a thing. I kinda expected feeling a heavy stone into my vaginal channel, nope. However, I was decided to take this to its final consequences and I had it inside for a few hours the day. Doing my kegels from time to time. That time I slept with it inside me.

First surprise: I hadn’t slept decently for two weeks. I fell asleep instantly. Ta-dah!

Second (and biggest) surprise: My underwear is never wet, next morning, surprise! I have noticed a significant increase in moisture since then. A damn miracle in my lady bits.

Third surprise: During the first day I had hold the egg pretty good. On the second day, I couldn’t hold it. It seems that my Yoni was weaker than I thought, and now it was more moist, the thing fell down.

My amethyst Yoni Egg.

Three weeks later.

It’s been three weeks since the beginning of my Yoni Egg journey, since I started I have progressively noticed several changes.

Sexually related: Solo orgasms are stronger and it is easier for me to feel the egg inside when I’m aroused. During intercourse, I do not feel any pain and it is so much more pleasurable since lubrication is great. Besides, I can’t say it is an “Oh em gee!” yet, but I can feel my partner significantly more.

Physically related: I am starting to feel the egg inside me, it is very subtle but I can move it, and yes, I can hold it now! Particularly I do not have any kind of problem pushing it down, and it is helping me gain control of my vaginal channel. I really want to know how this evolves.

Emotionally related: I fall asleep easier, I can focus easier and my third eye is wide open! (I blame it on the amethyst.)

Spiritually related: Whenever I use the Yoni Egg, I feel more aware of myself, of my divine feminine, I feel more connected to my body and to the universe.


I am definitely a believer! The changes are subtle yet noticeable and the most amazing thing is that I started feeling a difference from day two. My Yoni journey has just started but it has already made a difference and I am very inclined to share my experience so others have the opportunity to feel this amazing connection and awareness.

Let’s end here until next month! I’m excited to see how this continues and share with you all!

A special mention to Celestine, thank you for your gift! You can get a Yoni Egg from Celeste here.

5 thoughts on “My Yoni-egg experience. (I)”

  1. I kind of have the same problems as you but being a 52 year old woman who has had a hysterctomy (total) sex is not great and even trying to achieve the “Big O” on my own is hard. I’ve been toying with the idea of the yoni egg for awhile but could not afford one. Last week I got some extra money and ordered one!! I’ve read the Yoni Chronicles Vol. 1 and to be honest, I’m scared and excited at the same time!! Reading your story makes me feel a little better about it. Thanks for sharing something so personal and intimate Mia!

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    1. Nope. We all think that we are young and right and our vaginas would notice a pea, but the truth is that you do not feel anything, to the point of forgetting that you’re wearing it and it slips down to the toilet! (Gross, but you boil it, don’t tell anyone that it happened and good as new!)


  2. Haha oh my I thought the post was going to be about a egg recipe for breakfast or something! Imagine my suprise!😂 I have never ever heard about Yoni egg before! This is interesting so I will make more research about it….and might even wish it for christmas!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahahahahaha, not actually edible unless you want to break a teeth! It actually changed my life! Perhaps that’s too drastic, but I went from being dry as a 90 year old to being actually moist!

      Liked by 1 person

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