He won’t come back. (And what you can do instead!)

Dearest readers,

Today I’m talking about one of the most dread questions by all Tarot readers around.

“Will he come back?”

Let’s be honest, I bet that every single person going through a heartbreak who has access to a deck of cards has been there. It is just natural to try to find some comfort in a moment of pain, to try to find clarity or even just hope in a moment when you feel that your world has collapsed. Right?

will he come back? Tarot
Three of Swords from The Vampire Tarot by Robert L. Place.

However, if we are to keep it real, who does it help?!

If you are in the middle of a toxic, boomerang relationship, yes, you will get back to the same story and be in the exact same place next month (being generous). If your relationship has died due to irreconcilable differences, you can get back because you love each other, because you feel bad for the other or some other reason, but still what has broke you up is still a fact, and you will find yourself in the same situation. Again!

There are different stories, different reasons, different possibilities, but it all comes down to the same. When a relationship ends, there is a reason, whatever reason it is, there is a problem there. What makes you think that what you need to know is whether or not you will get back to the same problem, the same anxiety, the same unhappiness?

This is what you can ask instead.

  • In which areas do I need to work on so I can be a better partner?
  • What is preventing me from growing into this relationship?
  • What should we change in order to be compatible as a couple?
  • Why am I clinging on this relationship?
  • What is that I have to learn from this relationship?
  • What is the root cause of our problems?
  • What is in my hands to do to improve this relationship?

And the best of all…

  • How can I get over it?

Why am I saying all this?

Because this kind of questions are about actions! You can actually learn from this, it will not only be useful in this moment, it will be useful for your future. Knowledge is power! 

If you are aware of the problem, the attachment, the lesson… You can do something about it. You can change your situation, you can be the creator of your future!

This is not something I’m writing from the saddle of my high horse. I have been there and done that, and this is why I am telling you, from experience, that asking whether or not they will come back is not going to get you out of your misery.

Tarot is a very powerful tool, and you can use it to actually change your life. Why don’t you give it a chance to all that it has to offer by using it wisely?


  1. I love this writing on the subject and yes I also have done this many times and most recently with you! After being single for almost 7 years, I met the most incredible man and I do love him so much. Just because he is kind and gentle and has an incredible sense of humor and fits into my family like he was always supposed to be there. This is the same man I asked you about love. When our time ends, I do not know how I am going to be able to let him go. I know I’m going to have to, but living in the same park and having fallen in love, its going to be one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. I am not sure what the end of this year will bring, but I do know that I do not want to let go of him. ❤

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    1. Thank you for sharing your views, love! What I mean with this is mainly directed at those situations where there is one person willing to work for the relationship and one person who doesn’t give a ****. Tarot can be a great tool for improvement within a relationship but both parts need to be willing to do something about it.

      If you have a relationship where there are some incompatibilities but both you and your partner are committed to work for it, by all means, do it! 🙂 That is fighting for love, trying together to overcome differences and obstacles, not chasing someone who couldn’t care less to exhaustion.


      1. Ahhh gotcha. Misunderstood and so far we are so great together. He loves me in his way I can feel it from him. Loving a man with PTSD from military is a hard thing to do but he’s worth my effort.

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