3 easy and affordable Tarot decks that are not RWS.

Beginners usually find themselves looking for an “easy” deck. From my perspective, the readingness of a deck has more to do with it resonating with you than with any other consideration. However, it is true that there are some with which we can make a faster connection, be it because of the clarity of the images, because we can see ourselves reflected in the depictions of the cards or because the cards seem to speak clear and loud!

This is not “the one true word” but I have selected out of my collection the three decks that I consider the most approachable for a general public.

Easy and affordable decks! What else?

1. Fenestra Tarot. 

Fenestra Tarot is a 78 card deck published by U.S. Games in 2006. The imagery is strongly based on the RWS but in a much fancier way, the color pallete is soft and it is very pleasant to the sight. While the pictures are gentle, they are not childish. As a con, I have to note that the card-stock is pretty flimsy and cards might crease easily. Nonetheless, I think that a gentle shuffler shouldn’t have a problem with it.

Fenestra Tarot by Chatriya.

You can read some reviews of Fenestra Tarot here.

This deck is easy to find and it goes for around $25.

Here are some affiliate links, if you purchase your Tarot of Fenestra here, it will cost you nothing extra and you will be helping my blog!

Fenestra Tarot: Amazon.com / Amazon.co.uk

2. The Housewives Tarot.

This Tarot deck tends to fall on the “silly” decks category, but I have personally found some amazing depth in it. While at first sight it may seem shallow, innocent or just plain irreverent, I find it very, very easy to read with it. Identifying oneself in the everyday depictions shown in this tarot deck comes very naturally. The imagery is uncluttered yet the cards don’t feel “empty”, it is a pretty cheerful deck that will delight retro lovers!

It is a 78 card deck as well, published by Quirk Books. It comes in a sturdy box that can serve as permanent storage. The card-stock is thick and resistant, the cards are matte, though, so if used frequently, you may start to see the use in the borders pretty soon.

The Housewives Tarot.

This deck presents a little anomaly. There’s a modification in the numeric order of its Major Arcana.

II is The Empress instead of The High Priestess.

III is The Emperor instead of The Empress.

IV is The High Priestess instead of The Emperor.

You can read more about The Housewives Tarot here.

This deck is very affordable, it goes for $15 – $20, easy to find.

Here are some affiliate links, if you purchase your copy of The Housewives Tarot here, it will cost you nothing extra and you will be helping my blog!

The Housewives Tarot: Amazon.com / Amazon.co.uk

3. Tarot of Mermaids.

This Lo Scarabeo deck is also inspired in a traditional RWS deck, presenting a theme that will make the joys of the sea lovers! The imagery is accessible and beautiful, out of the three decks, this is the one that may present some “darker” cards. When it comes to symbolism, it is very similar to a RWS and the images are reminiscent.

As a traditional Lo Scarabeo deck, it has 78 cards with the classic Lo Scarabeo card-stock, out of the three decks I would say this could be the most resistant and it is riffle-shuffling-proof.

Tarot of Mermaids. Lo Scarabeo, 2003.

You can read some reviews here.

The deck goes for $20 and can be easily found.

Here are some affiliate links, if you purchase your copy of Tarot of Mermaids here, it will cost you nothing extra and you will be helping my blog!

Tarot of Mermaids: Amazon.com / Amazon.co.uk

What are your views, would you give Tarot reading a chance with any of these decks? For more experienced readers, what are your views on this? Querents over there, how do you feel about this beautiful cards? I’d love to read your opinions!



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