Aeclectic Tarot says Goodbye.

Today, July 1st,  is a very sad day for the Tarot Community. Aeclectic Tarot Forum, the widest and most relevant forum related to Tarot on the whole internet has announced its permanent closure by July 14th. We are talking about a website that has been running since 1996, which in Internet time is like forever.


Twenty one years bonding people together, teaching, connecting passionate Tarot readers all around the Globe. This forum has become a family unit. Not only that, it has been an anonymous way to share their interest and grow as readers for people who, due to circumstances, regulations, locations, couldn’t have shared their passion in any other way. It is not just a forum, it is a safe place, a Sanctuary for some. This is why this day will, with no exaggeration, become a part of the history of Tarot.

I got there for the first time two years ago and I was in awe, thanks to this forum I found my way as a professional reader, it gave me what I needed to take the step and for that I will always be grateful to it.

What happens now? To be honest, we all in the forum are running in circles like beheaded chicken on fire! Trying to come up with ideas, alternatives, trying to accept what has happened and figure a way to keep things going. Honestly, I don’t know what will come out of this. Some other bloggers have compared it to the Death card, and they are right, this is a painful ending, but hopefully, it will bring something better for all of us. What is clear is that we are before the end of an Era.

I want to thank Aeclectic Forum for being the bridge that allowed me to jump fully in, not as part time, not as a hobbist, but as a passionate full time, with every single letter, Tarot reader.

To an unforgettable place.

Mia Alviz

My name is Mia Alviz and I declare myself "tarobsessed". I live in Spain, from where I make a living out of my passion: Tarot. With a taste for traditional European divination and crystal healing, my aim as a professional is to provide my querents with honest, meaningful and empowering insight as well as building a legacy into the Tarot Community.


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