Three of Cups: A tale about friendship.

Hello dear readers and welcome to my International Tarot Day Blog Hop post! It is great to have you all in here, celebrating a great day for our awesome Tarot Community.

I have been assigned the Three of Cups, a card that has taken a lot of meaning for me lately. When I first knew that the Three of Cups was my assigned card for this day, I thought it was a sign. It turned out that I was right!

My first intention was creating a cocktail, since “party” is the first word that comes to my mind whenever I think about the Three of Cups. I usually joke about the idea of owning a brothel called “The Three of Cups”, however, I was unknowingly being prepared for a surprise, a great one, that would make me think twice about the whole party thing.

Today, I want to talk about friendship: I consider myself absolutely blessed with amazing, invaluable friends. I am one of those few, extremely lucky person who has preserved a friend for all my life, since I was three. Along with her I have made a few incredible friends I can count on in all aspects of my life, and although I am sure they would feel flattered of appearing here, most of them do not share my love of Tarot.

Nevertheless, I can count on two friends who share my love for Tarot and this post belongs to them.

I want to talk about the admiration I feel for them, about their incredible dedication, their enormous will and the joys that they have brought to my life, even when I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting them face to face.

Three of Cups: A Tale about Friendship.

Three of Cups. Bonefire Tarot by Gabrielle West.

Celestine Lipsey from Readings by Celeste is the wisest woman I know. Her voice is deep and strong, as if the echo of the Universe was speaking through her mouth, what I believe actually happens, because she’s so powerful it’s scary, as everything that is powerful in Nature I guess. About a year ago, I was hosting a Loop Giveaway on Instagram and I met her by chance when I asked her whether she was interested in participating, then, some day I don’t remember why, we started talking and she has already taught me so much. Thanks to her, I believe in Magic again. Thanks to her, I have restored that powerful part of me. That’s the beauty of friendship right? How a person can influence you, change you and make you better. Add up to your life! Tarot brought me this friendship, and for that, I want to make a toast to Celestine, the first cup of the day! (Make it a Martini, right?)

The second cup is all for Sandra Geddes, from Firerose Tarot. I met her in a place that must not be named and to be honest, I didn’t really like her in the beginning. However, the Universe has its own plans and there was a day where our mutual sass and our sailor mouth brought us together. This woman is all wit, and bitchiness and honesty. I admire her for her genuine love for Tarot, even if we don’t always share the same ideas and standards about it. She utterly believes whatever she says, she absolutely adores what she does and she keeps on fighting for what she wants to do, which is reading Tarot. And you should really let her do her thing, because the woman is fantastic. Once again, Tarot has done a great job by bringing us together. Let’s have a new toast to Sandra and her sass!

And this leads me to the third cup, and the third cup is precisely the 3 of Cups Tarot Community, where I am a proud admin since yesterday! It is curious how these things work, it is curious how some events seem to happen and how a card I had scheduled to write about tonight has resulted to be a great project for me. 3 of Cups Tarot Community is about friendship, respect and love for Tarot and I am incredibly proud and happy to be a part of it. These are my three cups, my Three of Cups, and I would drink a bottle to each of them!

Thank you for sharing this day with me. Thank you ladies for being a part of my life. Happy International Tarot Day!

I hope you all have been enjoying this blog hop! Please, don’t leave without seeing Ivan Ambrose’s Tarot Prose blog at for the next amazing blog in the hop. Thank you for reading! 


Mia Alviz

My name is Mia Alviz and I declare myself "tarobsessed". I live in Spain, from where I make a living out of my passion: Tarot. With a taste for traditional European divination and crystal healing, my aim as a professional is to provide my querents with honest, meaningful and empowering insight as well as building a legacy into the Tarot Community.


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