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A Tarot Journey – 3 of Cups Tarot

Hi there! It’s been a while since I last posted, the last month has been complicated and challenging in many ways but also very fruitful. First of all I took a holiday, then I got back and I got involved in a huge Tarot project that hopefully will benefit the community and I want to introduce to you all. As a last challenge, I lost my beloved dog which honestly, is being pretty hard and has taken away a piece of me. However, Tarot is and will be my true passion and here I am, introducing new changes, getting more and more involved with the Community and working to keep on going!

So, this beloved project of mine is actually not entirely mine! First things first, a couple of months ago I was offered to administrate a Facebook Group that some of you may know (and the rest should!) “3 of Cups Tarot Community“. From there, Sandra Geddes, our founder, Bobbi St. Jean and I started toying with the idea of creating a website where Tarot was available for everyone to learn and enjoy, and the day has come!

We launched our site on August 26th and these are a few of the things you can find there:

  • Free Resources: Card meanings, Tarot Spreads, Video & Audio resources…
  • Mentorship, Courses and Workshops: Coming soon.
  • A blog from the Community to the Community.
  • And this is only the beginning!

Getting involved in this project has been an honour and a privilege, and I really want to encourage you all to give a look to our site!

Be back this week with more of my usual content! Enjoy!

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