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Disclaimer: I do not posses the Universal Truth.

Hi guys!

This is going to be a bit of an unconventional post where I speak my mind about certain topics that may or may not be unrelated. It is all due to certain conversations that have arisen during the past few days and that have made me think long and thorough.

First, I have come to the realization that I am a bit of a Tarot / Lenormand snob, but I also accept it and feel good about it. It is a part of me.

I am kind of exhausted of this trend of having to basically apologize for every opinion one decide’s to state, like “Disclaimer: I don’t possess the Universal truth.” Hell, I am aware of that, I know that my way is not the one and only way, but as well, I know my stuff good enough to be quite sure that I know what I am speaking about.

And there’s no shame in that. It shouldn’t be, at least.


A topic that has made me cringe so bad lately is the tarotization of Lenormand.

Yes, I believe that knowledge is to be challenged, and that is progress. If no doctor had challenged their mentor, we would be still treating illnesses with leeches. I agree with that. Now, a different thing is to not know, yet lecture. 

Don’t get me wrong, nobody is born knowing, we all have been beginners at one point or another, more talented or less talented – and talent without work doesn’t get quite far, for that matter – but one can learn. And this is precisely where I am heading.

Scenario: Someone who has just begun to read Tarot, well, let’s say Lenormand for the sake of the argument, is asking a question about their reading. All fine, please, ask questions! Do it! There’s no shame at all! Up to that point, everything is perfect.

Then, a seasoned reader answers, and the novel reader gets so pissed because the other readers are not respecting their “system”. A system they don’t quite know how it works.

Now, Lenormand is a system, and it works wonderfully. And you can use your tools however you see fit, and you can throw your deck over your shoulder and read the cards that fall at an angle of 37º, and if that works for you, I celebrate it! But if it doesn’t, if you are learning and you are asking for help, why not considering listening to those who have been there, done that, and are trying to teach you what you have asked to learn?

This is probably the snobbiest thing I have written so far, but for Jesus Christ’s great aunt! The opposition to learning systematic divination methods, this defiance towards antique knowledge and this new trend where absolutely everything goes and one needs to make clear, in case that it is any doubt, that they may be wrong before saying “Good morning!” is quite frustrating.

Now, next hot topic in the ranting queue is Marketing & Advertising!


Being the owner of a small business is not for the faint of heart. And I speak about business here, meaning paying your taxes, doing your paperwork, getting your own clients, marketing, studying, giving actual services, providing valuable content and a ton of so on. There is nothing wrong with doing readings with a tip jar, but that’s not a business that eats away about 80 hours of your week.

Now, I am so pleased and feel so blessed of doing what I love, but people just don’t get the effort behind it. Advertising is annoying, spreading the word about your business is annoying, campaigning is annoying. But free content is not annoying at all!

I am delighted to offer free content, such as this blog, my YouTube channel, the occasional newsletter and more to come, but I do not live out of the free content that I generate.

I get that finding an ad in the middle or at the end of this post is annoying. I do! Or that having to watch an ad on youtube is annoying or getting a pop-up window. But just try to see the big picture here.

Behind every blog post, there are hours, behind every YouTube video, there are hours. Don’t get me started on the saints that have their own e-books for download. Not only hours, domain, hosting, lighting equipment, edition… That is also money.

Money and time that we gladly invest in our brands, and in delivering quality content that serves our audience. We are not even asking that you click the adds, subscribe to the newsletter or watch the advertisement on YouTube, but just take a second out of your day to think about the whole process that goes in the backstage!

Support comes in many ways, think about the people from whose content you benefit, whose work inspires you, next time you sigh because a little ad interrupted your reading!

Have a great day, guys!

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