Tarot Readings for £2? Donate for a good cause!

Hello and Happy New Year guys!

My dear friend Sandra Geddes from Firerose Tarot spends more time than she would like at Croydon’s University Hospital, where she is treated for her chronic asthma.

During her last stay last week, she noticed that the Respiratory Ward is short of supplies and for this reason, she started a Fundraising for Croydon’s University Hospital.

I have decided to collaborate with her in raising funds, and this is what we are doing!

Tarot Readings on donation! (Minimum donation £2)

I am doing a raffle for 2 Grand Tableau Readings! Each ticket is a donation of minimum £2, with each ticket, you will get a 3 card reading e-mailed to you and an entry for the raffle! Sounds good, doesn’t it? It is a great chance for getting a professional reading at a price you cannot beat and the satisfaction of doing something amazing!

Not I nor Sandra will keep any of the profit made for ourselves. The complete amount of the donations will be given to Croydon’s University Hospital on January 21st.

You can learn more about the Fundraising here.



Donate £2



Donate £6



Donate £10



Donate £15



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