The Butterfly Effect Tarot – Interviewing Eva Duplan.

Hello there! Today I want to offer you an interview with Eva Duplan, creatrix of the upcoming “The Butterfly Effect Tarot”. This is a very interesting deck that has caused my attention. Feminist, body positive, inclusive! It has it all!

The Butterfly Effect Tarot

The Butterfly Effect Tarot (2).jpg

Q. – Welcome, Eva! Thank you very much for your collaboration! I’m sure that this deck has raised some interest. I am eager to learn more about it, let’s start with a round of questions! What message do you intend to transmit with the creation of this deck?

E. D. – The message I want to portray… is one of hope and empowerment. Tarot, to me, is a wonderful tool used for insight, advice, and holding a mirror up to yourself when you can’t figure out an answer or a choice that has to be made. I want people to be able to use my deck and find the silver lining in their lives.

The King of Swords – The Butterfly Effect Tarot

Q. – Where does the idea come from?

E. D. – The idea really came from my own wants and desires for the deck. I wanted something with butterflies, and I wanted something with body positivity and diversity. I couldn’t find that amongst the many decks that were out there already, so I decided to create my own. Thus was born The Butterfly Effect Tarot.

Q. – Getting a Kickstarter project going makes me sweat! How is the experience in the backstage?

E. D. – It’s very challenging!! Figuring out the pledges, even figuring out the right words to say in the Story and the stretch goals you want in order to entice more pledges is all very tricky. It’s been a learning experience, that’s for sure! I’ve added a few other pledges since the Kickstarter went live in hopes to bring in more people, so it’s all things to note and remember for whenever I’m ready to do another one.

Queen of Pentacles – The Butterfly Effect Tarot

Q. – The name of the deck is quite intriguing. From my perspective, it suggests the importance of our choices, and after all, that’s what Tarot is about, highlighting our choices! What is the actual idea behind the name?

E. D. – I was trying to come up with a name… Just Butterfly Tarot didn’t seem to be *enough* for what I was portraying so far in the illustrations. A few other names were suggested and a friend mentioned The Butterfly Effect. It was one of those ah-ha moments where I looked at it and went… Oh! That’s… perfect! So I went with it and have not regretted it once.

Q. – Where did you get the inspiration for this deck?

E. D. – As a Plus Size/Body Positive Fashion Illustrator, a lot of the inspiration came from the inspiration I already get on a daily basis. Bloggers, other fashion illustrators, fashion shows and runways… And lots of pictures of butterflies! I find a lot of inspiration from Vogue Runway and from nature pictures.


Q. – What are your hopes for this deck?

E. D. – I would love to see this deck become one of those decks that people see on the shelf and go… Oh! I love that and I need that – I want it to become the deck that helps people find solace in the same way that Tarot has helped me. Sometimes, the right deck takes a long time to find you, but when it does – it can be life-changing. I also really want this deck to become something that helps bring myself and my art forward. I’ve been struggling to really get my name out there as an illustrator, and this project was a big challenge for me to undertake. I’m hoping that it will also motivate me to take on other large-scale projects. Maybe an Oracle deck, maybe an art book, etc.

Q. – Will there be other creations in the future?

E. D. – I’m hoping so! I already have plans to possibly expand The Butterfly Effect Tarot to include illustrations for the Pips like the traditional RWS does. I would also like to eventually look into doing an Oracle deck.


Q. – Share with us the process of creation of the deck. Is there something that you regret doing / not doing?

E. D. – It all started when I was trying to figure out the deck with just butterflies. I had found a picture of a gorgeous Janetta Forester Butterfly that I just knew had to be The Fool. I was drawing it and painting it on my iPad and when I was finished, something was missing. So I tried again, only I drew a woman and gave her the butterfly wings that I had painted earlier. Something clicked, then, and I kept going. I used my iPad for all of the illustrations from start to finish, using an app called Procreate. It’s a wonderful app for those who are familiar with Photoshop digital painting.

I took each card step by step, looking at the meanings then sitting back and thinking for a while. What poses would they have? What colors would they wear? What was traditional? What do I think should change? I did rely a lot on the traditional RWS meanings, and those are the meanings I use when I read with the deck. The Pips I created in a more graphic design way – moving pieces to fill the space and adjusting the sizes, etc.

When I look back at it, I do think I should have put more time into illustrating the Pips like the rest of the cards – I know a lot of people don’t like having a deck with non-illustrated pips. But it’s been a fun ride, and I look forward to the next step!

The World – The Butterfly Effect Tarot

Do you like what you see? You can back this deck here!

Eva Duplan Illustrations strives every day to create art that is meaningful. Plus Size Fashion has been making strides in the last several years, but fashion illustration is slower to catch up. It’s my hope to change that. By putting an effort to create diversity in my illustrations, I hope to inspire more artists to be more body-positive and to inspire the fashion industry as well. Every little bit helps!

You can learn more about Eva Duplan Illustrations at

Follow Eva on instagram, twitter, and more under the tag @evaduplanart!

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