9 Scents of Wrong: My take on the Pinrose Starter Witch Kit by Sephora.

Edit (September 7th, 2018): I have decided to leave the original post intact, but I would like to inform you prior to continue reading that some of the information in this post is not accurate and that a rectification has been published here.

If you’re a bit into the spiritual, you’ve probably heard about this unless you live under a rock. The Starter Witch Kit in question is this.


The Internet is fuming about it, and I’ve had mixed feelings about it, which I’ll proceed to explain in the next paragraphs. I wasn’t sure about whether or not to pronounce myself about this, but in the lights of the new events, I’ve had to do so.

This is my take, on a scale of greys that tends to black, to be honest! Get ready for a good rant if that’s your thing. Go grab the pop-corn ’cause we’re about to get started with a good one.

What Is Not Wrong About Pinrose Starter Witch Kit

Since I’m going to rant for a good while, I’ve decided to just get over with the only thing I consider positive about this whole thing. Witchcraft, Tarot, Paganism and Esoterica is considered inherently evil or wrong in many places of the world. Some may experience all sorts of difficulties when trying to dive into this interest. Perhaps it is because they have an extremely religious background or just because they cannot find an easy access to it. Be as it may and even if it is not in the most orthodox way, I am not against making any of it closer to people, more available and accessible. Who knows? Perhaps the next great author is one Starter Witch Kit away from discovering their soul’s call!

Now… NOW. Let’s start with the whole series of fucked-up things that come with this kit.

What Is Oh So Wrong With Pinrose Starter Witch Kit

Stolen Artwork 

Those of you who know me, probably know that I’m quite defensive about the countless hours of work that go into any creation. Our artists, authors and creators are heavily underrated, sometimes mistreated and their work dismissed as expensive or vain. If this is not enough, add that a multigazillion company like Sephora is allowing the sale of counterfeited goods in the shape of stolen artwork.

Yes, guys. The Tarot decks that comes with the kit has been stolen from an independent creator of our community. The deck in question is The Old Memories Tarot by Tarocco Studio and oh boy! Does this grind my gears.

Well… Sephora and Pinrose… I have some breaking news for you!


Like, seriously. Do you know what goes into the creation of a deck? Into the creation of anything? Well, you may get an idea from my post “Knock-Off Decks And How They Damage The Tarot Community” but simply having some respect for other people’s living will do.

The Sage Problem 

There are rivers of ink (and bytes) about the use of sage, cultural appropriation and the fact that it is endangered, all of them worthy of being taken into consideration. Why is an herb sacred for many a part of a drugstore “kit”? That is definitely a sleepless night worth of discussion, but… Let’s get even more practical.

For the love of baby Jesus… Stop saging everything, every day! You’re going to sage your soul away! Okay, this might be going a little too far, but seriously… Do you know how many things you can smudge with? For starters a singing bowl, which is a one time investment and sounds really nice! Rosemary. Rue. Copal. Clear quartz. Salt. Your intent. Sweeping from the closest point to the door to the main entrance of your place… I could go on and on. All of it before resorting to the big bazooka, the ancestor evicting sage!

Sage is the kind of thing you use when you have the equivalent of the lizard of “V” hanging out in your living room. Herbs such as Sage of Palosanto are what you use when anything else does the thing. And most times… Any other thing will do!



The Grass Is Always Greener On The Other Side: Or Why Comparison Sucks

One of the things we usually struggle with is being seen as lunatics or trendy by outsiders. While this needn’t be a personal offence, and I do not feel personally attacked by this or I don’t have anything against it in particular, I can really understand how this pisses of others who are really strict about their belief system and practice and cannot conceive how this is acceptable while a Starter Nun Kit wouldn’t ever be a thing.

It has happened to me quite often that when I explain what I believe to others I’m seen as a poorly educated person, or gullible, or a lunatic… But then you go around believing that a dove impregnated a woman and resulted in a baby that is at the same time its own father and you’re all in a sudden respectable and “normal” and man… That’s a thing worth thinking about!

So yes! Please! Let’s work for the acceptance and the respectability of our Community and our Craft and Beliefs, and if these things help the process, I’m all for it, but there are a minimum of commercial ethics that shouldn’t be left aside, on the top of my head respecting other people’s work and checking our privilege to begin with.

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