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Rectification: My Take On Primrose’s Starter Witch Kit.

Hi there guys!

So, it seems that I’ve made a mistake and I don’t want to be one to divulge false information. For this reason, I have decided to make a note to correct my latest article “9 Scents of Wrong: My Take On Primrose’s Starter Witch Kit.” I have also decided to leave said article up with a warning note at the beginning, for I don’t want to be the kind of person who throws a rock and hides the hand, and because, even though, there are some things about the article that remain my true opinion on the matter.


Today, Primrose has made a note public communicating that the Starter Witch Kit will not be commercialized. You can see the note here.

First and foremost, I would like to start by thanking Primrose for listening to the complaints and reconsidering their action, it is an honourable thing to do and I genuinely think that it says a lot about the company.

Second, I would like to clarify that the artwork that belongs to the deck (The Old Memories Tarot by Tarocco Studio) that was meant to come with the kit was not stolen but licensed. So I would like to apologize for spreading non-accurate information.

Said this, I do believe that a company with enough reach to sell on Sephora could have hired an artist for the project instead of purchasing a license that is, to be honest, far too cheap for a mass market product, and it would have been an actual gesture of support towards the community. Even though, purchasing the license is not illegal, so regardless of my opinion, I would like to state that they have done nothing wrong in regards with the artwork.

Regarding the sage thing, I still think that the fact that something is not a problem for you personally, doesn’t mean it is not a problem. If you live in a flooded area, that doesn’t make the desert any less dry, so I’m standing my grounds here although I appreciate that they clarified the ethical origin of the sage that was meant to come with the kit.

Thank you all for taking the time to read, and I apologize for any false information that has been spread through my blog.


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