“How To Make 5k A Month By Reading Tarot” And Other Bullshit.

There’s a topic that has been concerning me for a while. This is the proliferation of courses, webinars and business models based on someone becoming famous and rich by… Teaching others to become famous and rich! And this is getting particularly dramatic within the Tarot Community.

There’s a course for every dream: How to master Tarot reading within a week, Establish a thriving Psychic-Biz in 20 days, Earn 5k a month with the Tarot business you started the day before yesterday… The possibilities are endless!

In a spiritual moment when we are not allowed to say “I’m broke, dude” because, Law Of Attraction, everybody and their uncle seems to be surfing on the Dollar. How many are actually telling the truth? How many are buying into nonsense? To what extent isn’t the Law Of Attraction just another pyramid scheme?

If you write a book convincing others of how wealthy you are, even if in real life you are eating plain white rice for the fourth time this week on a Tuesday, and not only that, but how they can become rich too just by convincing themselves they are, hell yes, the “Law Of Attraction” is going great for you, by scamming others.


Thankfully, and without naming any names, it is not difficult to catch these folks and see how they’re building an empire not by selling their Tarot skills or their readings but by selling people a pretty course about “how to thrive in their business” when their business is actually selling you that idea and has nothing to do with what an actual Tarot reader is trying to do here.

In the digital era, it’s all in the numbers! So before you buy into any of these folks’ biz, give a look to their shops: How many sales do they have? (This can be easily accessible if they are on platforms as Etsy, ShopEnvy or the like) Does it look like a number that says “This person knows what they’re talking about” to you? Watch YouTube, give a look at the comments, search for their reviews: Are they from actually selling Tarot readings? Courses? Do they say something further than “I can’t wait to see the results of this!”?

Hear me out, aspiring Tarot entrepreneurs: I don’t have entrepreneurial education – at least not yet – but even for those who have, building a successful business is not happening overnight and I’m damn sure that many other well respected and already established readers can tell you that too. If you want to dedicate yourself to Tarot, it is not going to be easy and if you’re expecting a rainfall of cash your best shot is having a wealthy third-great-aunt about to kick the bucket and be lucky enough to be their closest relative. If you don’t, you’re going to have to work for it, and believe me, it won’t happen in 20 days!


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