I abide by the following rules in my tarot practice.

  • I will work to the best of my ability to provide my querents with a helpful and honest answer.
  • I will keep private the information my querents share within a reading.
  • I will do my best to empower my querents and together, explore ways to reach their goals.
  • I will not judge my querents, nor will I give an opinion unless I am asked to do so.
  • While I am not totally against third-parties questions, I reserve my right to refuse doing a reading if I find the question out boundaries. In this case I will suggest a suitable rephrasing of the question or I will offer a refund.
  • ​​I will not read for under 18 querents unless I have written consent from parents or guardians.
  • ​​I will not let my querents become addicted to card readings and I will refuse to do readings on the same topic too often for their own sake.
  • ​​I will not answer health related questions that should be asked to a sanitary professional. Though, I will gladly offer advice on how my querent can face health problems with a positive attitude and what is in their hands to do non-medically. ​​