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The Truth About Psychic Hotlines

Psychic hotlines are almost a dirty secret, many are embarrassed to admit that they use them, and they are even frowned upon within the Tarot Community. What is the truth about psychic hotlines? This is a highly complex topic with no black or white answer, so I want to use my experience to give you as much information as I can and tell you the good, the bad and the ugly about hotlines and how they work!


Authenticity – A choice that pays off!

For years, I misunderstood what authenticity meant. I used to wave it like a flag for all the wrong reasons. Authenticity meant to me a kind of “this is how I am and I’m going to shove it down your throat whether you like it or not.” Oh, boy, how wrong I was! I made… Continue reading Authenticity – A choice that pays off!

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Tarot Summer School: Interview with Tabitha Dial from North Star Muse.

Today I'm bringing an interview with the awesome Tabitha Dial, who is bringing a great course to Tarot Summer School 2019 called "Tea Reading 101: Creative Divination." Q. - Thanks a lot for collaborating, Tabitha, and welcome! So, I am a huge fan of Tea Reading, I have always thought that it is such an interesting divinatory practice but… Continue reading Tarot Summer School: Interview with Tabitha Dial from North Star Muse.

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Tarot Summer School Course Giveaway!

🍀 Win A Course Of Your Choice From Tarot Summer School 2019🍀 This year I'm teaching Exploring Sexuality Through Tarot at Tarot Summer School and I'm beyond excited! It's not only my course, there are also another 11 TOP courses that will blow your mind with the best teachers you can imagine!!!!! 🤯 So, I… Continue reading Tarot Summer School Course Giveaway!

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Exploring Sexuality Through Tarot – Unveil And Embrace The Sexual Side Of Tarot.

Discussing sex is not always easy, after all, it is a very complex matter and it is not all about riding and orgasms. Sex can be a tough topic too! There are many people out there struggling with their own sexuality, with abuse (see #MeToo), the aftermath of sexual trauma or who simply cannot open up to sex due to an upbringing that made them feel guilty for being sexual beings! 

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“The Hook” Or Why Situationships Are So Complicated.

Why are situationships so complicated? In the area of romance, there’s a lot of room for grey areas and the term “situationship” is a great way to define them! What makes these non-relationship so complicated and so hard to leave? We tend to idealize the good ole’ days in which either they were into you… Continue reading “The Hook” Or Why Situationships Are So Complicated.

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Give Your Best Tarot Reading

When you are first starting out as a reader, either professionally or as a hobby, it is easy to get stuck, nervous, feel that your mouth is dryer than the sand in the desert and, in a nutshell, feel that you are completely inept to deliver a decent reading. I've been there, and in fact most of us have! So these are my tips to avoid this awful feeling as much as you possibly can, and give the best Tarot reading that you can possibly give!

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Karma, The Law Of Three and Good Person Points.

I'll start by saying that it is perfectly okay if you personally believe in Karma, The Law Of Three and whatnot. Whether it we are speaking about this terms as a way to regulate your magical practice or a principle to live by, if it is working for you, then go all for it!  I would like to speak, though, of those who don't adhere to this principes, and my own personal thoughts regarding this matter. 

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Tarot & Polyamory – An Interview With Emily Clare.

A few weeks ago I was scrolling down my Instagram and I came across Emily Clare's post. To be honest, I was thrilled by the picture and it took me a few more seconds to actually read what it said: "Many Loves: A Polyamory Tarot Reading." Two thoughts crossed my mind at the time. The first one "Wow! How come I had never thought of this?" and the second "I really need this reader featured in my blog!" So... I've done my fair share of thinking about the topic, and also, I'm here to fulfill the second part and bring you all this wonderful reader who has a lot of really interesting ideas about areas that we should definitely put more attention towards.