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Give Your Best Tarot Reading

When you are first starting out as a reader, either professionally or as a hobby, it is easy to get stuck, nervous, feel that your mouth is dryer than the sand in the desert and, in a nutshell, feel that you are completely inept to deliver a decent reading. I've been there, and in fact most of us have! So these are my tips to avoid this awful feeling as much as you possibly can, and give the best Tarot reading that you can possibly give!

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Karma, The Law Of Three and Good Person Points.

I'll start by saying that it is perfectly okay if you personally believe in Karma, The Law Of Three and whatnot. Whether it we are speaking about this terms as a way to regulate your magical practice or a principle to live by, if it is working for you, then go all for it!  I would like to speak, though, of those who don't adhere to this principes, and my own personal thoughts regarding this matter. 

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Tarot & Polyamory – An Interview With Emily Clare.

A few weeks ago I was scrolling down my Instagram and I came across Emily Clare's post. To be honest, I was thrilled by the picture and it took me a few more seconds to actually read what it said: "Many Loves: A Polyamory Tarot Reading." Two thoughts crossed my mind at the time. The first one "Wow! How come I had never thought of this?" and the second "I really need this reader featured in my blog!" So... I've done my fair share of thinking about the topic, and also, I'm here to fulfill the second part and bring you all this wonderful reader who has a lot of really interesting ideas about areas that we should definitely put more attention towards. 

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Why I Don’t Do Soulmate / Twin Flame Readings.

Soulmate and Twin Flame Tarot readings are in high demand all around! I could bet an arm that every single reader has at one point or another been asked a question involving a soulmate relationship. I certainly have, and it's not my jam. Why refusing to read on such an extended topic as soulmate connections… Continue reading Why I Don’t Do Soulmate / Twin Flame Readings.


Tarot Meanings For The Age Of Tinder

The dating scene is dark and full of horrors and romance is getting hard! With the raise of misunderstood independence that verges on selfishness, commitment issues and the whole "30s are the new 20s" trend, it seems almost impossible to find a way amongst the frogs! I'm not one to bash technology at all, for… Continue reading Tarot Meanings For The Age Of Tinder

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“How To Make 5k A Month By Reading Tarot” And Other Bullshit.

In a spiritual moment when we are not allowed to say "I'm broke, dude" because, Law Of Attraction, everybody and their uncle seems to be surfing on the Dollar. How many are actually telling the truth? How many are buying into nonsense? To what extent isn't the Law Of Attraction just another pyramid scheme?