· Mentorship & Guided Learning ·

Are you struggling with a particular card? Do you have problems seeing a reading as a whole? Is there a part of Tarot that you don’t get or are you a total beginner?

Whatever is your case, we can work it out together!

I offer different kinds of mentorship, according to your needs. Are you hesitant about what to pick? Contact me and I will help you!


1 hour mentorship session

To cover concrete doubts or a particular topic! Once you have payed for your spot I will contact you, we will agree to a date, time and media for our meeting and discuss the topic you want to prepare.  *Failing to show at the agreed upon date and time will result in losing the session without refund.*//*Re-bookings will be accepted with 24 hour prior notice.*//*All sales are final.*



10 hour mentorship package

Would you like to go more in depth? Are you thinking of working together for longer? Then this is the perfect package for you! It includes 10 hours to distribute however you see fit! We will agree to a date, time and media for our sessions and get it going! *Minimum session length is 1 hour.*//*Maximum session length is 3 hours.*//*A session can be re-booked with 24 hour prior notice.*//*Failing to give previous notice will result in losing the agreed upon hours without possibility of re-booking or refund.*//*All sales are final*



Second opinion service

Have you pulled a particularly interesting reading and would you like me to give you my views? Then this is the way to go! With this service, I will not only interpret your reading but also show you how do I come to my conclusions. An educative, interactive and fun experience! This service will be provided via chat or e-mail. *Your interpretation is required*//*All sales are final*