Ten decks that made a difference in my Tarot Journey.

I've had a long, amazing and absolutely thrilling journey with Tarot for the last ten years, and now that I'm about to make it to my eleventh year as a reader, I want to talk about the decks that played an important, sometimes life changing role in my divination journey. Take your seats and enjoy… Continue reading Ten decks that made a difference in my Tarot Journey.


Kipper card 26 – Great Fortune.

In a nutshell: Card 26 is the jackpot card of the Kipper system. It depicts what I call "having a flower in your butthole". Whenever it shows up, it talks about success, a satisfactory happening or outcome or a beneficial plot-twist. In comparison, card 17 (Gift) would be a small lucky hit, and card 26… Continue reading Kipper card 26 – Great Fortune.


Kipper card 25 – Come to High Honors.

There are several possibilities for this card. First and foremost, it is a card about praise and recognition, respect and advances. This card stands for talents, gifts, intelligence and its development. Here we can see improvements in career or studies, a job promotion, an award, but also an exam or a test where we have… Continue reading Kipper card 25 – Come to High Honors.


Kipper card 24 – Theft.

This is another complex card and one of the most negative of the deck. It stands for something, whether material or not, that is taken away or lost. On very rare occasions it can show an actual theft. Besides, similarly to Kipper card 8, it stands for hidden agenda, unfair intentions and secrecy. It warns… Continue reading Kipper card 24 – Theft.


Kipper card 23 – Court House.

This is the card for legal affairs. It not only stands for court hearings but also official appointments, administrative procedures, government, etc. It is a decision card. Whenever it appears decisions are being made or have to be made. This card stands for someone with a strong sense of obeying the law. It stands for… Continue reading Kipper card 23 – Court House.


Kipper card 22 – Military Person.

When this card appears somebody in uniform may be involved. From militaries to waiters everyone who wears a uniform is depicted by this card. It can also be a sign of a dominant, obstinate and squared character. This is as well the card for authorities. Card 22 serves as a confirmation that the events shown… Continue reading Kipper card 22 – Military Person.


Kipper card 21 – Living Room.

This is one of the most interesting cards the Kipper system. It is mainly a card of time and it indicates that an event is imminent. Whatever is close to this card could happen within hours or days to a maximum of a month ahead in time. Besides it is a card about privacy about… Continue reading Kipper card 21 – Living Room.