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Give Your Best Tarot Reading

When you are first starting out as a reader, either professionally or as a hobby, it is easy to get stuck, nervous, feel that your mouth is dryer than the sand in the desert and, in a nutshell, feel that you are completely inept to deliver a decent reading. I've been there, and in fact most of us have! So these are my tips to avoid this awful feeling as much as you possibly can, and give the best Tarot reading that you can possibly give!

Tarot, Tarot Business

8 situations you have to go through before going pro.

Nothing beats experience when it comes to Tarot reading and everything we learn is a valuable part of our development as Tarot readers. That smooth, blissful and entirely spot on readings are the ones that build our confidence, but the readings that go south, the difficult clients and the blank moments also play a fundamental… Continue reading 8 situations you have to go through before going pro.


5 things that ruin your Tarot experience.

Creating a comfortable and warm atmosphere is a top priority for readers. A tarot reading session that goes smoothly and in mutual trust is ideal for some magic to happen! Emotions are touch, some tears may come out and sometimes, we will get to witness the beginning of healing! However, there are ways of making… Continue reading 5 things that ruin your Tarot experience.

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The Tarot Grand Tableau.

The "Tarot GT" is a very useful spread when we are asked for a general reading and it works very similarly to a Lenormand Grand Tableau. Click here for a video explanation. For this spread, first thing will be separating the Majors from our deck. Then, we will shuffle and lay three rows of seven… Continue reading The Tarot Grand Tableau.


Tarot Myths and Bullshit.

Lately I've been doing some research on different Tarot myths, surprisingly finding out that, though there are really bizarre beliefs out there, the most common are worldwide believed. While most of them are not harmful at all, there are some others that add an unnecessary layer of woo woo that I consider somehow damaging to… Continue reading Tarot Myths and Bullshit.


Significators in Tarot. – How to choose a significator.

What is a significator? A significator, is a card we give an special meaning to within the reading. This could be either a person or a situation. There are different kinds of significators and different ways of choosing them.     Significators can be chosen beforehand or they can appear in the reading. I usually… Continue reading Significators in Tarot. – How to choose a significator.


What you might be missing in your Tarot readings.

Our beloved Tarot cards, disclose a lot of information about the question being made, but they are also giving hints to the reader for a better understanding of the querent's situation that otherwise could remain unnoticed. Our cards often say a lot, sometimes even TMI, that we readers won't feel comfortable saying out loud and… Continue reading What you might be missing in your Tarot readings.