🍀 Win A Course Of Your Choice From Tarot Summer School 2019🍀

This year I’m teaching Exploring Sexuality Through Tarot at Tarot Summer School and I’m beyond excited! It’s not only my course, there are also another 11 TOP courses that will blow your mind with the best teachers you can imagine!!!!! 🤯

So, I have decided to do a little 💥GIVEAWAY💥 to spread the Tarot joy!

The 🏆WINNER🏆 will get a pass for the course of their choice amongst these fantastic options!!!!

♟♟♟♟ Tarot And The Four Pillars with Benebell Wen. Learn the keys to unlocking esoteric wisdom and discover the blueprint to your inner temple. http://bit.ly/2wNpibG

❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 Exploring The Major Arcana Through The Chakras with Tori Hartman. Discover how to use the Chakra Wisdom System in your Tarot readings.

🔮📿🧿 Tarot Charm Casting with Carrie Paris. Bring divination to your Tarot readings and discover your unique Charm Casting style for Tarot readings.

🕸 Connecting to the Web: Exploring Divination with Kelly Fitzgerald. Learn the practical application of divination and discover the messages in the symbols that are all around you. 

🏇☘️🚢🏠🌳 Lenormand From Scratch with Toni Puhle. Learn how to apply the traditional Lenormand meanings and interpret spreads with confidence.

💎🎴💼 Rock Your Tarot Business with Liz Worth. Save time and money by learning where to focus your efforts to grow your Tarot Biz.

⛰🏆 Create Tarot Breakthroughs with Vanessa Sage. Learn a structured, transformative Tarot Breakthrough process that you can use for yourself and your readings.

☕️🔮 Tea Reading 101 with Tabitha Dial. Stir your imagination, nourish your intuition, and unfold your understanding of perception and individual symbols.

👁🎴🎴🎴 Awakening Intuition With Oracle Cards with Shaheen Miro. Learn how to access your inner Oracle and move through the world as the living oracle that you are!

🌕🌖🌗🌘🌑🌒🌓🌔 Moon Rhythms & Tarot with Chelsea Smith. Learn to use the phases of the moon to assist with divination, manifestation, and self-reflection.

👄🌶🔥 Exploring Sexuality Through Tarot With Mia Alviz. Embrace the sexual side of Tarot. Read confidently on sex and sexually-related topics, and add new layers of meaning to your readings.

🦋🕷🦑🦚🐆 Animal Magic and Tarot with Ethony. Explore animal magic through the elements and their unique magical and symbolic meaning to enrich your life and your readings.

🏆💥READY TO WIN?!?!💥🏆

This is all that you have to do to participate!

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– The contest ends on August 15th 00:00 PST

– The winner will be announced and contacted on August 15th (If the winner doesn’t respond within 72 hours, a new winner will be chosen!)

Can’t wait to win? You can ⚡️⚡️enroll NOW⚡️⚡️ in any of the courses in the links above or get your ☄️☄️Season Pass ☄️☄️