All of the services listed below are from professionals that I trust and have personally tried – and loved! – and I wholeheartedly recommend.



Are you more lost than an octopus in the desert? The coaching services of Niamh Mitchell will  help you put your shit together! If you’re looking for a coach, look no more!60356214_2128788780552529_514495373633388544_n

Sandra Geddes, the mastermind behind Firerose Wellbeing Fairs, is a kickass Tarot reader and event organizer. If you’re in London or Croydon and you’re looking for someone to put together your event or read at your party or fair, she’s your woman!


Wild Hunt Spirituality

An Astrologer who knows her shit! She won’t only help you understand your stars, it will also be delightful to read because she’s a writer! If you are seeking an experienced astrologer, go grab Bobbi Lintner!


The first time you talk to Steve Wilkes, you will probably think he’s nuts! – To be entirely honest, a part of you will continue on thinking so, even if a tad bit, probably forever – But the truth is that his stuff, crazy as it sounds, actually works! I’ve personally witnessed some of his courses and I can say that stuff happens there!