WDA Courses

Are you familiar with World Divination Association? Stablished in 2015 by Toni Puhle, it aims to bring back the importance of systems into the divinatory practice around the world.

I am proud to be part of WDA’s team as a Tarot teacher!

Each member of the WDA team is an expert in their field, and you can find all sort of courses to give you a solid foundation for your practice in the system of your choice!

Learn Tarot, Lenormand, Kipper, Cartomancy, Vera Sibilla, Mexican Loteria and more!

My Courses –

Tarot Tableau Techniques – Level 1

Most Tarot readers struggle to go past the stage of reading card by card and don’t get to feel fully comfortable regardless of the cards that are on the table! If you have come to that point where new Tarot books aren’t telling you anything that you don’t know already, but you still feel that you’re missing something, this course might be for you!

You want to incorporate tableau techniques to your tarot readings if:

  • Your readings feel incomplete.
  • You are always confused about what spread to use, or you wonder if you are using the right spread.
  • You have difficulties giving an answer to the question asked.
  • You feel unable to relate the cards to the question and end up speaking about something else entirely.
  • Your readings are cryptic.¡
  • You feel stuck in the “medium level”.
  • You want to give cohesive, useful, practical readings that actually answer questions.
  • You want to be confident and comfortable with all of the cards and with your readings, regardless of context.

Enroll now, learn tableau reading style and never look back!

Tarot, Death & Grief

If you want to reconcile with Death meaning actual death and bring the discussion to the table, this course will help you get started! In this course you will learn:

  • The importance of acknowledging death as a possibility.
  • How to spot actual death in a reading.
  • How to bring up a constructive conversation on the matter.
  • Using Tarot as a tool for healing in grieving periods.
  • Tarot as a tool to come to terms with your mortality.
  • Read confidently about death and make a positive impact

Each of the 78 cards of the Tarot deck has something to say, but sexuality often gets lost or mixed in with romance, love, and other emotions. But, what about sexuality on its own in an era when it’s more faceted and openly explored than tradition calls for?In this course you will learn:

  • How to interpret the cards from a sexual perspective.
  • How to connect and embody the sexual energy of the cards.
  • How to read on matters of sex and sexuality.
  • How to use Tarot to enhance your sex-life, reconnect with your sexuality or help you release sexual blockages from the past.
  • How to hold space for querents that are having trouble with their sex-life, sexuality or sex related trauma.